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Pilot Courses

Maintenance Courses


  206 B Flight Only
  206 L Flight Only
  206B Gnd & Flt
  206B Ref Gnd & Flt
  206L Gnd & Flt
  206L Ref Gnd & Flt
  206L Ref Gnd & Flt -Spanish
  Israel Police Refresher


  407 Flight Only
  407 Gnd & Flt
  407 Ref Gnd & Flt
  407 Ref Gnd & Flt -Spanish
  407 Special Refresher
  407GX Grd & Flt
  407GX Ref


  412 Flight Only
  412EP Op Check Flt
  412 Pilot Ground
  412 REF


  427 Gnd & FTD
  427 Ref Gnd & FTD


  429 Flight Training
  429 Ground Only
  429 Pilot Refresher

Additional Courses

  Fundamentals of Instruction

Flight Training Device (FTD)

  206 FTD
  407 FTD
  412 FTD

Law Enforcement

  TFO (Online) (Web-based)

Military Models

  HUEY II Gnd & Flt

Night Vision Goggles

  NVG FLT(407)
  NVG FLT(206B)
  NVG IP (407)
  NVG Gnd & Flt (206B)
  NVG IP (206B)
  NVG Gnd & Flt (407)
  NVG Ref Gnd & Flt (407)
  NVG Ref Gnd & Flt (206B)


  205 EM
  205A1 FM (TCCA Approved)


  206 Series FM Ref
  206 Series FM B1.3 (EASA, TCCA, CAAC Approved)
  206 Series FM, 2 week Offsite Course
  206 Series OH
  206 Series FM Ref (Online) (Web-based)
  206 Series FM B1.3-Spanish (EASA, TCCA, CAAC Approved)
  206 Series OH-Spanish
  206 Series FM Ref-Spanish
  206L CO Ref
  206B C.O.
  206B E.M.
  206B F.M. Refresher
  206B F.M. (TCCA Approved)
  206B F.M. Refresher -Spanish
  206B F.M.-Spanish (TCCA Approved)
  206B/206L/407/427 Avionics
  206B/L Avionics course
  206B/L E.M.
  206B/L B2 (CAAC Approved)
  206L C.O.
  206L E.M.
  206L F.M. Refresher
  206L F.M. (TCCA Approved)


  205/212 CO
  212 AFCS Overhaul
  212 AFCS Maint.
  212 AFCS Maint. -Spanish
  212 Avionics
  212 C.O. Refresher
  212 C.O.
  212 E.M.
  212 E.M. -Spanish
  212 EASA & CASA B1.3 (EASA, CASA Approved)
  212 F.M. Refresher
  212 F.M. (TCCA Approved)
  212 F.M. Refresher -Spanish
  212 Grip Insp
  212 Grip Inspection Refresher
  212/412 Field Maintenance Refreshers
  212/412 CO Refresher
  212/412 F.M. Refreshers-Spanish
  412 to 212/205/204 Avi Diff
  412 to 212 B2 Differences (EASA Approved)
  412/212 CO DIFFS


  214B C.O.
  214ST AFCS
  214ST C.O.
  214ST EM/AFCS Ref
  214ST E.M.
  214ST F.M.
  214ST F.M. Refresher


  222/230 C.O.
  222/230 F.M. Refresher
  222/230 C.O. Refresher
  222/230 F.M.
  222/230 CO Diff
  222B E.M.
  222U/230 E.M.
  222U Avi.
  230 AFCS Maint.
  230 Avionics


  407 AVI
  407 AVI-Spanish
  407 B2, AVII, Avionics (EASA, CAAC, CASA Approved)
  407 C.O.
  407 C.O. -Spanish
  407 EM.Ref (Online) (Web-based)
  407 E.M.
  407 E.M. -Spanish
  407 FAM
  407 F.M. 3 Week, (TCCA, CASA Approved)
  407 F.M. Refresher
  407 FM Ref (Online) (Web-based)
  407 FM B1.3, MEII (EASA Theory and Practical) (EASA, CAAC, CASA, CAAS Approved)
  407 F.M. 2-Week (TCCA Approved)
  407 F.M. 2-Week-Spanish (TCCA Approved)
  407 F.M. Refresher-Spanish
  407GX Avionics
  407GX Avionics Online Ref (Web-based)
  407GX Avionics-Spanish


  212/412 SHZ-212/412 Analog AFCS Maintenance
  412 Avionics
  412 B2 EASA (EASA, CASA, CAAC Approved)
  412 C.O.
  412 C.O. Refresher
  412 C.O. -Spanish
  412 EPi Avionics Differences
  412 EPi Maint Diff
  412 EM/AFCS
  412 E.M.
  412 E.M. -Spanish
  412EP F.M. 2-Week (TCCA Approved)
  412 F.M. Refresher
  412 F.M. 3-Week (TCCA Approved)
  412 FM B1.3, MEII (EASA, CASA, CAAS, CAAC Approved)
  412 FM Ref Web (Online) (Web-based)
  412EP F.M. 2-Week-Spanish (TCCA Approved)
  412 SHZ-412 Analog AFCS
  412 SPZ to SHZ AFCS Differences
  412 SPZ-7600 AFCS Maint.
  412 SPZ-7600 AFCS Maint. -Spanish
  412/212 FM Diffs (TCCA Approved)


  427 Avionics Course
  427 C.O.
  427 E.M.
  427 F.M. (TCCA, EASA, CASA Approved)
  427 F.M. Refresher


  429 B2 CASA/CAAS Integrated Avionics System (CASA, CAAS Approved)
  429 B2, AVII Integrated Avionics Syst (EASA, CAAC Approved)
  429 FM, 2 week (TCCA Approved)
  429 FM, 3 week (TCCA Approved)
  429 FM Refresher
  429 FM Ref (Online) (Web-based)
  429 FM, B1.3, 4 week, (Theory and Practical) (EASA, CASA, CAAC Approved)
  429 FM, 3 week-Spanish (TCCA Approved)
  429 FM, 3 week-Translated (TCCA Approved)
  429 IAS Refresher


  430 AFCS
  430 Avionics
  430 C.O. Refresher
  430 C.O.
  430 EM & AFCS Ref.
  430 E.M.
  430 F.M. 2-Week (TCCA Approved)
  430 F.M. 3-Week (TCCA, CASA Approved)
  430 F.M. Refresher
  430 F.M. 3-Week-Spanish (TCCA, CASA Approved)

Additional Courses

  Composite Repair
  Composite Blade Repair
  Composite Blade Repair-Spanish
  Connector and Cable Maintenance
  Connector and Cable Maint.-Spanish
  Fundamentals of Instruction
  Helimalongo Special Avionics
  Maintenance Manager (Online) (Web-based)
  Maintenance Manager
  Metal Blade Repair
  Metal Blade Repair-Spanish
  Non-Destructive Inspection
  T-53 Engine Maint.

Military Models

  Huey II FM US Govt Only
  Huey II FM
  Huey II Electrical Maintenance
  Huey II Avionics
  OH-58 A/C F.M.
  UH-1H Avi
  UH-1H C.O.
  UH-1H E.M.
  UH-1H F.M.

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