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Pilot Courses

Maintenance Courses


  206 B Flight Only
  206 L Flight Only
  206B Gnd & Flt
  206B Ref Gnd & Flt
  206L Gnd & Flt
  206L Ref Gnd & Flt
  206L Ref Gnd & Flt -Spanish
  Israel Police Refresher


  407 Flight Only
  407 Gnd & Flt
  407 Ref Gnd & Flt
  407 Ref Gnd & Flt -Spanish
  407 Special Refresher
  407GX Grd & Flt
  407GX Ref


  412 Flight Only
  412EP Op Check Flt
  412 Pilot Ground
  412 REF


  427 Gnd & FTD
  427 Ref Gnd & FTD


  429 Flight Training
  429 Ground Only
  429 Pilot Refresher

Additional Courses

  Fundamentals of Instruction

Flight Training Device (FTD)

  206 FTD
  407 FTD
  412 FTD

Law Enforcement


Military Models

  HUEY II Gnd & Flt

Night Vision Goggles

  NVG FLT(407)
  NVG FLT(206B)
  NVG IP (407)
  NVG Gnd & Flt (206B)
  NVG IP (206B)
  NVG Gnd & Flt (407)
  NVG Ref Gnd & Flt (407)
  NVG Ref Gnd & Flt (206B)


  205 EM
  205A1 FM (TCCA Approved)


  206 Series FM Ref
  206 Series OH
  206 Series FM, 2 week Offsite Course
  206 Series FM B1.3 (EASA, TCCA, CAAC Approved)
  206 Series FM B1.3-Spanish (EASA, TCCA, CAAC Approved)
  206 Series OH-Spanish
  206L CO Ref
  206B C.O.
  206B E.M.
  206B F.M. Refresher
  206B F.M. (TCCA Approved)
  206B F.M. Refresher -Spanish
  206B F.M.-Spanish (TCCA Approved)
  206B/206L/407/427 Avionics
  206B/L Avionics course
  206B/L E.M.
  206B/L B2 (CAAC Approved)
  206L C.O.
  206L E.M.
  206L F.M. Refresher
  206L F.M. (TCCA Approved)


  205/212 CO
  212 AFCS Overhaul
  212 AFCS Maint.
  212 AFCS Maint. -Spanish
  212 Avionics
  212 C.O.
  212 C.O. Refresher
  212 E.M.
  212 E.M. -Spanish
  212 EASA & CASA B1.3 (EASA, CASA Approved)
  212 F.M. (TCCA Approved)
  212 F.M. Refresher
  212 Grip Insp
  212 Grip Inspection Refresher
  212/412 CO Refresher
  212/412 Field Maintenance Refreshers
  212/412 F.M. Refreshers-Spanish
  412 to 212 B2 Differences (EASA Approved)
  412 to 212/205/204 Avi Diff
  412/212 CO DIFFS


  214B C.O.
  214ST AFCS
  214ST C.O.
  214ST EM/AFCS Ref
  214ST E.M.
  214ST F.M.
  214ST F.M. Refresher


  222/230 C.O.
  222/230 F.M. Refresher
  222/230 C.O. Refresher
  222/230 F.M.
  222/230 CO Diff
  222B E.M.
  222U/230 E.M.
  222U Avi.
  230 AFCS Maint.
  230 Avionics


  407 AVI
  407 AVI-Spanish
  407 B2, AVII, Avionics (EASA, CAAC, CASA Approved)
  407 C.O.
  407 C.O. -Spanish
  407 E.M.
  407 E.M. -Spanish
  407 FAM
  407 F.M. 3 Week, (TCCA, CASA Approved)
  407 F.M. 2-Week (TCCA Approved)
  407 F.M. Refresher
  407 FM B1.3, MEII (EASA Theory and Practical) (EASA, CAAC, CASA, CAAS Approved)
  407 F.M. 2-Week-Spanish (TCCA Approved)
  407GX Avionics
  407GX Avionics-Spanish


  212/412 SHZ-212/412 Analog AFCS Maintenance
  412 Avionics
  412 B2 EASA (EASA, CASA, CAAC Approved)
  412 C.O.
  412 C.O. Refresher
  412 EPi Avionics Differences
  412 EPi Maint Diff
  412 EM/AFCS
  412 E.M.
  412 E.M. -Spanish
  412EP F.M. 2-Week (TCCA Approved)
  412 F.M. Refresher
  412 F.M. 3-Week (TCCA Approved)
  412 FM B1.3, MEII (EASA, CASA, CAAS, CAAC Approved)
  412EP F.M. 2-Week-Spanish (TCCA Approved)
  412 SHZ-412 Analog AFCS
  412 SPZ to SHZ AFCS Differences
  412 SPZ-7600 AFCS Maint.
  412 SPZ-7600 AFCS Maint. -Spanish
  412/212 FM Diffs (TCCA Approved)


  427 Avionics Course
  427 C.O.
  427 E.M.
  427 F.M. (TCCA, EASA, CASA Approved)
  427 F.M. Refresher


  429 B2 CASA/CAAS Integrated Avionics System (CASA, CAAS Approved)
  429 B2, AVII Integrated Avionics Syst (EASA, CAAC Approved)
  429 FM, 2 week (TCCA Approved)
  429 FM, 3 week (TCCA Approved)
  429 FM Refresher
  429 FM, B1.3, 4 week, (Theory and Practical) (EASA, CASA, CAAC Approved)
  429 FM, 3 week-Spanish (TCCA Approved)
  429 IAS Refresher


  430 AFCS
  430 Avionics
  430 C.O.
  430 C.O. Refresher
  430 EM & AFCS Ref.
  430 E.M.
  430 F.M. Refresher
  430 F.M. 3-Week (TCCA, CASA Approved)
  430 F.M. 2-Week (TCCA Approved)

Additional Courses

  Composite Repair
  Composite Blade Repair
  Composite Blade Repair-Spanish
  Connector and Cable Maintenance
  Connector and Cable Maint.-Spanish
  Fundamentals of Instruction
  Helimalongo Special Avionics
  Maintenance Manager
  Metal Blade Repair
  Non-Destructive Inspection
  T-53 Engine Maint.

Military Models

  Huey II FM
  Huey II Electrical Maintenance
  Huey II FM US Govt Only
  Huey II Avionics
  UH-1H Avi
  UH-1H C.O.
  UH-1H E.M.
  UH-1H F.M.

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