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Technician Training

The Bell Helicopter Training Academy Technician Mechanical and Electrical classes are conducted five days per week, Monday through Friday. Course schedules and pricing may be found on this website. Select a course from the list on the left side of this web page.

 Bell Helicopter Technical Training maximum and minimum class sizes are established to ensure highest training standards are achieved. The limiting factors are the availability of trainers, shop hardware and special tools.

Class sizes are as follows:
Class Maximum Minimum
Field Maintenance 12 3
Component Overhaul 8 3
Electrical/AFCS 8 3


Inspection Authorization Renewal

The Bell Helicopter Technician training is accepted by the Federal Aviation Administration as meeting the requirements of FAR Part 65.93(a)(4), for Inspection Authorization renewal. A technician that takes any 8 hour block of Technical training will be able to have his/her Inspection Authorization renewed at no addition charge to the student. The Bell Training Academy is dedicated in providing the most advanced Technical training, ensuring a safe operation in the air and on the ground.


Bell Training Academy Receives EASA Part 147
Maintenance Training Organization Approval.


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