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Our FTDs are non-motion, visual-equipped devices capable of VFR and IFR flight training. At a minimum, FTD sessions will have a comprehensive review of procedures, including startup, in-flight, and shutdown procedures, systems operations, malfunctions, and emergency procedures. Scheduling and syllabus will depend on the specific model in use. After the required session/s, on pilot request, we can cover additional attitude instrument flight procedures and recovery techniques for inadvertent entry into IMC.

Our 206 and 429 devices are FAA approved Level 6 for instrument currency and Instrument Proficiency Checks (IPCs).

FTDs are available for an hourly rate and block scheduling. For more information regarding pricing and scheduling, please contact

Bell Training Academy currently provides 6 fixed based Flight Training Devices. 2 devices have been constructed to FAA Level 6 specifications, the 206B3/L4 and the HueyII/412EP 3-axis Dual AFCS/412EP 4-axis Dual AFCS with EFIS. 2 devices have been constructed to Level 7 specifications, the Bell model 407 and the model 429. One device, the Bell model 427 has been constructed to Level 3, and the remaining Bell model 206B3/407 Cockpit Procedures Trainer has been constructed to Level 1.

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